We are too. Welcome to We are ecstatic that you have already shown a vested interest in elevating your school’s fundraising to new heights. Luvtohelp makes scholastic cents AND sense for the institutions that put your children first. It's time to give them some luv back in the easiest and most efficient way possible, with your help!

Our Mission?

To revolutionize the way we give to schools with the support of local businesses, who in turn will grow their consumer base. It goes a little like this:

  1. Sign up with Luvtohelp to support your school.
  2. Shop at local stores that you know and Luv that are offering great discounts.
  3. Whatever you spend, big or small, a bit of luv goes back to your school.

It's a win-win-win for everyone. Local businesses get a chance to participate in the fundraising that builds our future and keeps our communities sustainable. So lets complete the luv circle. Sign up today to enter to be part of our very first program to raise funds for selected schools. If you have any questions, CONTACT US.

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